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Create jurisdiction fast with Illinois Process Service for Local, Statewide, and Nationwide service of process from our company in Gurnee, Illinois.

The business of practicing law has become a high-paced, all-consuming profession filled with deadlines, time tables, and multiple court locations. For more than 25 years, Illinois Process Service has been providing attorneys with the legal support services they need to create jurisdiction and get their defendants in court. Contact us at (847) 596-2100 for dedicated services from any of our 3 Chicago Land locations.

Doing Your Leg Work
When you are working on a case there is a lot on your plate and tracking down documents, witnesses, and defendants can be a huge time drain.

With the help of our professional staff, you'll be able to focus on your case and let us do all of the leg work to find the documents and people you need to make your case. With a success rate of 97%, you can rely on us to help you achieve your legal goals.

Assisting You With...

• Service of Legal Process • Local/Statewide/Nationwide • Document Retrieval • Real Estate and DMV Records

Ready to Work for You
Having successfully served more than 100,000 defendants, we are uniquely qualified and possess the experience that you should require in a legal support industry leader. Illinois Process Service has worked with the City of Chicago, Chicago Housing Authority and the United States Department of Environmental Services to mention just a few of our past or present high profile clients.
Contact us at (847) 596-2100 to find out how Illinois Process Service can assist you.

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